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A Look into the Most Starred Repos
Mar 2024

What are common topics and languages? How has ChatGPT changed the OS landscape? Let's find out.

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So You Want to Shift Left?
Feb 2024

A look beneath the marketing jargon

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Trends in Developer Infrastructure and Tooling, 2024 and Beyond
Jan 2024

Looking into 2024 and beyond, we note a few developer infrastructure trends on the rise -- UX is table stakes, cost matters again, and light at the end of the data stack tunnel?

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Portfolio Company
Objective: Building a Multimodal Search Platform to Bring Magic to Every Search Bar
Oct 2023

Founder Pablo Mendes and his team have worked on some of the biggest search systems in the world at companies like Apple and Google. This week, Objective, Inc. emerges from stealth to provide world-class multimodal search to every website and application, and we are thrilled to announce our investment in their seed round.

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Interview Series
Interview: Matt Bivons, CEO at Canopy
Sep 2021

A few years ago, Canopy co-founder and CEO Matt Bivons decided to close out a credit card. He called up the credit card company, asked the representative to give him the balance total, made the payment, and assumed that was the end of it.

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Interview Series
Interview: John Lunn, CEO at Gr4vy
Jul 2021

Covid-19 has altered the digital commerce landscape for good. Fintech pioneers are developing new ways for midsize online retailers to meet exploding consumer demand.

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Interview Series
Interview: Caleb Avery, CEO at Tilled
Jun 2021

Despite the boom in online commerce, finding the right payment processor is a complex process for most software companies. Tilled founder Caleb Avery is redrawing the map for online payment facilitation—and changing the landscape of fintech in the process.

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Interview Series
Interview: Jeff Myers, CEO at Gatsby
May 2021

Young traders’ enthusiasm for high-risk trading and a radically simplified user experience are radically transforming the market. Driven by highly accessible trading apps and a year spent in lockdown, these shifts ensure the future of fintech is anything but certain.

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